Friday, June 02, 2006

New Lab

I have just moved into my new experimental art research lab!! No longer the 6th floor of AT but now in Buccleuch place - a quirky eccentric space, perfect, with echoes of a past... I am planning on having open days, when I have some working experiments!

After giving a talk in the Computational thinking series, I discovered MUCH more about Gordon Pask, why he was interested in electrochemical processes, and more interesting links on growing metals. Silica Gardens have an interesting appeal (with some complex and not yet fully understood science) and Newton with his Alchemic Chymistry and "vegetative metals".

I also put forward the rather controversial idea that the digital may well be soon overtaken by the retro paradigm of the analogue - eg devices that can solve partial differential equations in real-time, cheaply!

Power point of talk "Art, Creativity, Innovation and Experimental Science: Alternative ways of thinking, challenging paradigms and pushing boundaries"